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Trey Bondar is an author of science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary fiction typically featuring gay themes, and/or gay romance. He aspired to become a writer from a very young age. After his own struggles as a gay man, he has dedicated himself to making the path for others easier. In addition to portraying a variety of gay characters -- including heroic ones -- in his fiction, he also is active in the LGBT community, giving of his time and money. He lives in North Carolina, USA, with his life partner.

7 LGBTQ geek conventions you can attend across the country

From comic cons to gaming gatherings, there are many different types of geek conventions that exist in the world. Among these fantastic events is a group of cons that focus not only on geeky interests but also on the queer community that loves and contributes to geek culture. Many conventions may be friendly to LGBTQ+ fans and creators, but these specific conventions offer a much-needed focus on them. Their inclusive, open environments provide a space that makes them great for queer fans and their allies to attend.

Source: 7 LGBTQ geek conventions you can attend across the country


Square Enix with Japenese fashion house Roen teamed up to bring you the official Final Fantasy 15 fashion line.  It looks absolutely amazing but if you want it you’ll need to cough up a good $3000 per outfit.  Check out the picture below (via Roen)Amazon AdPre-order Final Fantasy 15

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